About Us

We are located on the outskirts of Maine’s second largest City, Lewiston.  All our work is designed, printed, and produced in the basement of our home. Each cement/concrete piece is colored, and hand poured by us. We have purchased molds from small businesses, we use our own hand poured silicone molds and we 3D print a handful of our molds.  When it comes to coloring, we use a variety of styles and tools to color our pieces.  Some are marbled with acrylics, some hydro dipped, a few hand painted pieces and others are colored with pigments. With each vessel being poured individually, water bathed, air dried and sealed, you will notice slight imperfections in the vessel, the color or maybe there are a few air bubbles.  We like to call these “imperfections” the beauty www.mainemicroartisans.com having a handmade item. No two are alike, making them all one of a kind.

Please shop small and shop local! We are HUGE supporters of shopping local if and when you can.  If you are interested in seeing other local Maine Artisans work, please check out the following:

Nature’s Cradle located in the Western Mountains of Maine is on Facebook!

Maine Micro Artisans in Gorham, Maine. Check them out in person, online and on Facebook! You can find our handcrafted decor here too!!

All pieces we make are handmade with love and handcrafted in Maine.

Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping!

Faithful Designs